Our Work

Haven From Hunger distributes emergency food to families throughout Peabody, Salem and Lynnfield. And that's just the beginning.

Haven from Hunger has been a symbol of hope and compassion in the Peabody, Salem and Lynnfield townships since 1982. Housed in the basement of the Masonic Temple, the Soup Kitchen and the food pantry serves well over 100 people everyday. Anyone who comes to our door for dinner is welcome – without question or qualification.

The Haven from Hunger recognizes the vital importance of providing basic nourishment to those who are hungry -- much more is needed. Together with the solidarity and commitment of our staff and volunteers, the Haven strives to be a gateway to positive change in the lives of the people it serves and seeks to enlarge our guests’ capacity for self-help and reconnect them to the broader community. Through our programs and in our commitment to combating hunger and homelessness, we provide the support and respect guests need to become self-sufficient and regain hope for the future. The Haven is a place of humanity, compassion, and dignity.

Please help us provide a lifeline to our poorest neighbors:

Find a food donation drop off location

A block about finding a food donation drop off location.

HFH Capital Campaign

Fight Hunger, Feed Hope. Help us build a permanent facility to address the growing need by expanding food supply, education and community engagement. Learn more about the campaign.

240,000 People

per month eat meals from emergency food boxes. High unemployment and a tough economy forced record numbers of people to turn to emergency food last year. See more facts about hunger.