Haven from Hunger recently partnered with PS It Matters

Submitted by charlene on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 19:48
Haven from Hunger recently partnered with PS It Matters, an online specialty foods, personal and corporate gift store that was founded on a simple idea - you can purchase everyday items you want and help those in our country who are hungry. PSIM provides the finest in specialty foods & gifts, at the same price offered in retail stores, and with each purchase 15% of the purchase amount will be donated to the Food Bank/Pantry of your choice.

Each gift, comes with a postcard explaining that the gift has already provided a certain number of meals to Haven from Hunger (based on the total cost of the gift). You can choose from gift collections or build your own gift basket to meet your budget. PS It Matters can also customize materials and brand it with your business logo.

So whether you are looking to thank a neighbor or friend or recognize a client during the holiday season or anytime throughout the year, why not make your gift really count. Every $10 you spend, provides 6 meals for those in need.

visit www.PSitmatters.com


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