Understanding Hunger

Why are so many people in Peabody, Salem and Lynnfield hungry?

Hunger is an income issue.

More than 73 percent of households receiving emergency food reported incomes below the federal poverty level - $22,050 for a family of four.

A basic family budget — enough to cover the essential needs for a family of four — was $45,274 in 2007, while a full time job at Boston's 2010 minimum wage provided only $17,500.


Find a food donation drop off location

A block about finding a food donation drop off location.

HFH Capital Campaign

Fight Hunger, Feed Hope. Help us build a permanent facility to address the growing need by expanding food supply, education and community engagement. Learn more about the campaign.

240,000 People

per month eat meals from emergency food boxes. High unemployment and a tough economy forced record numbers of people to turn to emergency food last year. See more facts about hunger.