Executive Director
Alyse Barbash

Board of Directors
Dan Terenzoni, President
Ed Lomasney, Vice President
Donna Rosano, Treasurer
Sharon Cameron, Clerk
Brian Barrett
Seith Bedard
Michael Bonfanti
Martha Holden
Robert McHugh
James Morin
Jenn Peary
Frank Venuto

John Harrington
John Keohane
Richard Stocker

Find a food donation drop off location

A block about finding a food donation drop off location.

HFH Capital Campaign

Fight Hunger, Feed Hope. Help us build a permanent facility to address the growing need by expanding food supply, education and community engagement. Learn more about the campaign.

240,000 People

per month eat meals from emergency food boxes. High unemployment and a tough economy forced record numbers of people to turn to emergency food last year. See more facts about hunger.